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How Orius Medical is Aiding Mental Health Recovery in Christians Everywhere

Founded in 2021, Orius Medical aims to provide adequate mental health support and care for christians everywhere. We are breaking barriers and disproving myths by combining christianity with psychology. Our models imbibe the Word of God in each therapy session. This way, we support our patients’ mental wellbeing as well as their spiritual growth.

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So far, 132 professionals are being onboarded on the platform and they have pledged to deliver expert help to the many christians in need of it while also encouraging them in the faith by the word of God. More and more saints continue to book sessions and are being paired with our experts, with many among them sharing their stories of transformation and rediscovery of God’s undying love for them.

Our Team

Prof. S.A Adebisi


Astril Emmanuel-Ufuah


James Adebisi


Dr. P.O Eromonsele


Sharon Abraham


Timileyin Idowu-Tunji




Blessed Eden


Words From Our Happy Patients

Hundreds of fellow believers have received support and care

The Orius Medical platform has been a life-saver for me. I had to endure some very unpalatable events growing up and that led me into anxiety and depression. I was really surprised when I learned about what Orius was doing. I think it's beautiful that christians can see that therapy and the faith can go hand in hand. I am more confident about myself than I have ever been and will recommend Orius Medical to anyone going through tough times.

Lara Ikeji


Frequently Asked Questions From Patients

All your sessions with therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists on the Orius Medical platform are scheduled to hold online (via text, audio call or video chat). We do this to make things more private and flexible for both you and the professional.

Yes. The Orius Medical platform is one of God's strategies for extending his love and comfort and reassuring his people who endure life in this wicked world. If you have questions about the christian faith and what we do, please feel free to reach out to us via the "contact" page.

Yes, the Orius Medical platform is 100% FREE. It runs on donations. We do not charge any fees for any of our services. But we implore you to support us via the "donation'' button in order to ensure that we stay active and even more people are reached and helped.

Believe in your heart that there is a God who loves you, so much so that he came in the form of the man Jesus to die for your sins (wrongdoings); that he was buried; and that after 3 days he rose again from the dead, conquering death and hell and giving ETERNAL LIFE to all who believe. You will be saved.

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