Mental healthcare
for Corporates

We partner with startups, SMBs, and established organizations
to provide on-demand teletherapy services.

We partner with startups, SMBs, and established organizations to provide on-demand teletherapy services.

Your mental health comes first

We know how stressful and overwhelming work can be at times, so we’ve created a safe space for you to unwind and get mental support from our experts whenever you need it.

Some of your colleagues already enjoy our benefits

by Chinedu.

I can actually see progress in my mental health. These days I approach work more confidently and have found healthy ways to deal with imposter syndrome.

For employees

Avoid burnout
Enjoy the benefits of on-demand mental support anytime you need it. Whether it be the stress of work, family pressures, or relationship issues. We’ve got you!

Get help whenever you need it

All you need is your workplace ID and boom! you can now access therapy on-demand.

Zero fees from your wallet

The bill goes directly to your organization. You do not have to worry about paying for therapy.

Relieve your mental stress

Don't wait until you are overwhelmed. Reach out and get expert help whenever you feel suboptimal.

For employers

Boost productivity at work.
Research shows that mentally stable employees generally perform better than their other colleagues.

Low cost, high rewards

More than $1 trillion is lost globally due to anxiety and depression in the workplace.

Boost employee productivity

Your employees thrive better when there's nothing weighing on their minds.

Stand out from the competition

Working with us helps to position you as a forward-thinking establishment.


The goal of therapy differs for everyone (could be improved relations, reduced school/work stress, improved positive thinking, better relationships etc.) The therapists guide you to know, understand, and apply the steps you can take in order to achieve your desired results.

Each individual’s needs varies from person to person. However, we recommend the Standard plan which gives you access to 5 sessions, and should ensure that you get thorough consultations that address your unique needs. For friends, families, schools, corporates or individuals seeking a long-term plan, the Enterprise plan may be best for you. Alternatively, you may choose the PAYG (Pay-as-you-go) plan to try it out first.

Our therapists are certified health professionals (doctors, psychologists, counsellors and social workers), who will administer the same professional care to you virtually, as they would in an office setting. However, peculiar cases may require us to recommend that you visit a mental health/psychiatric facility in order to get adequate care.

Definitely. We totally understand that every therapist has different approaches to mental care and you may need a change to find someone with whom you best connect with.
NB: You may only change your therapist while subscribed to the Standard plan or Enterprise plan.

While our therapists will go the full nine yards in supporting your mental health, please note that we will NOT be able to prescribe medications for you at this moment due to company policy.