Orius Medical

Frequently asked questions

What does Orius Medical do?

Orius medical is a healthcare company, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, under the Company and Allied Matters Act 2020. We currently offer online-based, on-demand psychotherapy, psychological assessment and evaluation, and mental health education services.

Is therapy free on Orius Medical?

Yes. Everyone gets at least 1 free therapy session per month using our therapy services at Orius Medical. However, in circumstances where the situation is beyond online therapy, or there is an issue of provider availability, you may have to be referred for a paid session.

How do I get access to therapy?

Click here to get started.

How does Orius Medical ensure my privacy?

Confidentiality and patient privacy is a big deal for us at Orius Medical. We do not share private information with any third party. You are welcome to read our privacy policy for a more detailed overview. Also, you can always send us a mail at support@orius.com.ng to have you private information removed from our database.

Are the therapists qualified?

Every Orius Medical therapist either possesses a postgraduate degree or advanced certification that validates them to administer psychotherapy and/or counselling, or is a trained psychologist. We have therapists with memberships in APA, NPA, NACP, BPS, CASSON, and ISSUP. With a number of them possessing masters degrees and doctorates.

Can I get a prescription?

While our therapists will go the full nine yards in supporting you psychologically, please note that we will not be able to prescribe medications for you at the moment due to company policy.

Is Orius Medical better than face-to-face therapy?

We always ensure to provide you with the best possible care, ensuring flexibility, privacy, and affordability. Also, therapy is based on a trust relationship between patient and provider, and you would rely on communication between yourself and your therapist, just as in a face-to-face session. Nevertheless, face-to-face therapy cannot completely be substituted by online therapy in every case. Examples are severe addictions and some psychological/psychiatric conditions.

Can I change my therapist later on?

Definitely. We totally understand that every therapist has different approaches to mental care and you may need a change to find someone who you best connect with.