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Become a mental health advocate

The Orius Fellowship is a virtual 8-week program designed to empower young Africans to become mental health advocates and psychological first aiders.

We support bold and passionate individuals from all over Africa, who see the need to come together to address the mental health epidemic currently ravaging the continent.

This Fellowship is for Africans aged 16-35 years, who understand the barriers to mental health care in their immediate communities, and are determined to co-design solutions to solve these problems. Your solution may be research-based, policy-based, advocacy, non-profit or for-profit.

The program will focus on four primary thematic areas:
1. Introduction to Mental Health
2. Psychological First Aid
3. Mental Health Advocacy
4. Mental Health Projects

Download the program brochure here.

You are encouraged to go through the eligibility criteria and other frequently asked questions below before applying.

Frequently asked questions

-You must be at least 16 years of age and no more than 35 years of age, at the time of your application
-You must be African and your proposed solution must be focused on Africa
-You must commit to fully participating in the entire program (attend all lectures, submit your assignments, and complete your project)
-You must be proficient in English, as the program will be offered in English language.

The Orius Fellowship is a bi-annual program. Applications open every April and September of every year.

-Give yourself time. Take time to reflect on the situation in your community and your current availability to commit to social impact work for the next 8 weeks before applying
-Start early as our applications only open for 1 month. You could visit this page once we open for applications to note the questions and prepare your answers
-Utilize storytelling. Use a mix of data, facts, and experiences to describe your understanding of the mental health challenge in your community, as well as the feasibility of your proposed solution(s).

No. We only require that you have access to a computer and a good internet connection in order to participate in the lectures.

No. The Orius Fellowship is designed to empower you with mental health education via instructor-led classes delivered by mental health professionals, a community of like-minded individuals leading change in their communities, and expert support and oversight to develop, implement and evaluate the impact of your proposed solution in your community.

Unfortunately, due to the estimated volume of applications, we may not be able to give an individualized feedback to every applicant. However, if your application is successful, you will receive detailed instructions by email on how to proceed for the next stage of the Fellowship.

-The form below is the ONLY official channel for application into the Orius Fellowship. Do not call, mail, or email your application
-Submit your application by 15:59pm WAT on Friday the 29th, September, 2023
-You may only submit one application. Any application that is discovered to have multiple submissions will be automatically disqualified
-Applications cannot be revised once they are submitted. You are advised to take your time to prepare your answers before submitting
-Ensure that your meet our eligibility criteria before applying. Any application that is not in line with our eligibility criteria will be automatically disqualified.

Application form

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
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Are you of African Origin?
This fellowship is for Africans ONLY.
Do you fall between ages 16-35?
This cohort only accepts applications from young Africans aged 16-35.
This is essential for student applicants.
Do you have prior "significant" knowledge of mental health?
Are you available to commit up to 3 hours weekly for the 8-week duration of the fellowship?
Have you identified any barriers to adequate mental health care in your community?
This could be cost factor, mental health expertise etc.
Help us understand what currently prevents or limits people from receiving adequate mental health care in your community.
This should be something specifically aimed at reducing the barriers to mental health care which you have identified in your community.
Tell us why you are a good fit for this fellowship. Highlight how your personal or professional experience makes you the right person to implement the project you've described above.
How did you hear about the Orius Fellowship?