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Omolola Okewunmi

Omolola Okewumi

Counselling Psychologist. Omolola is a graduate of Psychology from UNILAG, and has vast experience in counselling and managerial psychology.

Dr P.O Eromonsele

Dr. Peace Eromonsele

Medical Doctor, Counsellor. Dr. Peace administers therapy as a counsellor, and brings her expertise as a medical doctor when necessary.

Adeniyi Ojuope

Adeniyi Ojuope

Developmental Psychologist. Adeniyi is a masters holder in psychology, and is experienced in child and adolescent behaviour, and working with PLWD.

Michael Ayeolowo 2

Micheal Ayeolowo, mAPA

Counselling Psychologist. Micheal is a psychologist registered with the APA. His experience covers behavioural and counselling psychology.

Praise Jonathan

Praise Jonathan

General Psychologist. Praise works with teens and young adults to provide mental health counselling, psychological assessment, and psychotherapy.

Josephine Ebhoomhan

Josephine Ebhoomhan

Counsellor. Josephine is a mental health and career counsellor with a PgDip in counselling. She helps clients with anxiety, depression, stress, and personal development.

Omope Oluwaseun

Oluwaseun Omopo, PhD

Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Omopo's training covers counselling and clinical psychology. His experience spans clinical assessment, PTSD, behavior analysis, substance use, mental health evaluation, and psychotherapy.

Kehinde Oluokun

Kehinde Oluokun

Early Childhood Therapist. Kehinde is a passionate therapist who has experience working with children with special needs, via pychoeducational support.

David Ndubisi

David Ndubisi

Clinical Psychologist. David is a clinical psychologist whose expertise spans CBT, MET, trauma therapy, REBT, acceptance and commitment therapy.

Aboh Ogbole

Ogbole Aboh, NACP

Clinical Psychologist. Ogbole is a member of the NACP, and holds a masters in clinical psychology. His experience spans psychological trauma and substance use.

Success Smith

Success Smith

Clinical Psychologist. Success is a certified psychological first aider, who also supports people struggling with substance use, DMV, eating disorder, burnout, depression, and self harm.

Oluwaseun Filani

Oluwaseun Filani

Counselling Psychologist. Oluwaseun is a psychologist who has experience working with teens on issues of abuse, self-esteem, and relationships.

Akinwunmi Owolabi

Akinwunmi Owolabi, ISSUP, mhGAP

Counsellor. Akinwunmi is a member of ISSUP, and a mhGAP trainer. His expertise is substance use, pyschotherapy, and mental health first aid.

Mr Moses Tingir

Moses Tingir, PhD

Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Moses is a member of the BPS, NPA, NACP, and ISSUP. He is experienced in CBT, stress/anger management, GBV, PFA, and restoration therapy.

Akin Dayo

Dayo Akin

Clinical Psychologist. Dayo is a clinical psychologist with experience handling and caring for psychiatric patients using positive psychiatry models.

Queen Ibitoye

Queen Ibitoye

Counsellor. Queen is a seasoned counsellor, specifically in handling teens and young adults (9 years). She also provides mental health counsel to adults.

Moses Omenka

Moses Omenka

Counselling Psychologist. Moses holds a masters in psychology, and is experienced in providing counselling and therapeutic support to young adults.

Joshua Ogunsemi

Joshua Ogunsemi, NACP

Clinical Psychologist. Joshua is a clinical psychologist registered with the NACP. His experience spans supportive therapy, and psychological education.

Atilolaoluwa olutayo

Atilolaoluwa Olatayo

Counsellor. Atilolaoluwa is a member of CASSON, with a certification in mental health. She provides guidance counselling and mental health therapy.

Ovey Philip Abimiku

Philip Ovey, mNPA

Counselling Psychologist. Philip is an NPA registered psychologist, with experience in providing counselling therapy to women during and after pregnancy.